Milind Khamkar (Group CIO - Supermax)

Disruptive Innovation
I think there is a lot happening as far as the technology evolution is concerned. The new technology is rapidly changing the phase of the business and is also giving a good opportunity to the CIOs in the IT community to help the business to get into the new leap frogging available with the technology. But at the same time there are a lot of challenges we are observing. The Innovations are happening but there is very less time for the adoption of these innovations. So by the time we complete and see the success there is something new already in the market place and then there is a crazy rush to adopt the same. So one has to pick rightly what is suitable for the business, make it happen, keep it sustainable so that the benefit can be seen and for going to the next level of technology adoption.

Digital Alteration
Digital Transformation is the need of the hour. It’s really redefining what is around us. Digital IT is driving not only the information in a business area but also helping us keep healthy and wealthy. Our body movement and exercise are controlled digitally, so there is a lot to do, not only in the business or enterprise world but also in the personal life. I think it’s a great thing and it’s going to redefine the rules not only in the enterprise world but also in people’s livelihood.

Data Analytics
I think we have done enough in collecting Data but now this collected data needs to generate value and this will happen only when this data meets the right level of analytics. Analytics is required because the outcome of data is only with the right analytics and for those analytics the big enterprises are adopting heavily. Every small decisions and insights are supported by data which happens only with the right level of analytics used by big enterprises.

Future of Technology
I would not like to predict or forecast anything as far as technology is concerned. The only thing one has to do is “get there, get there quick, get there sooner, don’t wait for version 2 to come. Start from the version 1 itself, take a calculated risk in terms of the technology or new technology adoptions”.

Changing role of the CIOs
I don’t think the CIOs roles are changing, It’s only that people want to speculate the names of CIOs. We continue to do the same thing. We are the custodians, we are the brokers and we are the curators of technology and its continues to remain the same, only the piece of technology is changing but the same business, same people, same chain management, same project management continues to remain for us, so it’s getting mature day by day. So if maturity is a change, then yes our role is changing.

Impact of Social Media in the Industry
Many of the decisions are made on social media. Previously social media was all about food, travel, music, media and entertainment. But now I see healthcare products and well-being products are also discussed on social media which puts a tremendous pressure on the enterprise business so that they can’t ignore this phase for any reason. They have to keep listening, they have to keep responding and a lot will happen on the social media. I think Social media is a place which adds to the branding process, It’s not the only place where the branding will happen. It will support and substantiate the normal branding exercise.

Technology vs Occupations
The eco system will be maintained. A lot of new jobs will be created and the old jobs will get diminished as the technology evolutions are happening. It’s a transformation, so overall the ecosystem will be maintained. I think one has to be adaptable with all the changes. We can’t resist the change. The change is going to happen. So how fast and how best one can adapt the change and be passionate about it, drive it. Definitely everything comes with risks and rewards. So one should not only think about the risk but also the reward behind that.

Key Takeaways
The important thing is to stop speculating particular technologies and particular time which creates a problem for the generation coming next in the professional environment. Give them the stability. With the time we are speculating the technology and forgetting it very fast and quickly, we have to give some time to our people to understand the technology, let it stabilize and then take it to a next level of usage and emergence.

“Be careful while predicting any kind of technology, one also has to see the mankind and the other side”