Pawan SinghBU Head – 3M

Optimizing Urban Mobility: Smart Cities
If you talk about the example of transport, then one of the major problem this country is facing right now is the number of accidents and deaths that are happening. Around 50,000 people are losing their lives on Indian roads which is very alarming. All the countries are able to control this but unfortunately we could not. And that is predominantly because we have been enforcing some of those things manually. So unless and until you deploy technology, in enforcement, decision making, it is going to be impossible for any authority to deal with it.

If we look at the data, the number of total signals in India are lesser than the number of signals in Tokyo city and awareness is not there and that is why people are losing their lives. So I would focus more on those basic issues and use technology to solve those problems rather than looking at something that is too futuristic for me.

Challenges of Integrating Technology
Like any other field even in this particular segment, we have seen that when we deploy technology which has been developed with lot of research going on from almost 2 decades, there are always people who are doing it in India. At times, research does not happen and quality of products are not as good as it should be. So we to face that kind of competition in a country like India. Since we are here from many years and we know how market evolves, ultimately we have to educate the customer, the stakeholders for the difference between the actual technology and something which is new. So we try to upgrade the standards, expectations of the customers because they want the best out of that technology.

Smart Mobility
If we look at 20 cities that are selected for the Smart City Challenge Program, we would see that out of those 20 cities, at least 15-16 cities would use Smart Mobility. So today, cities that are big or small with any size and culture they are grappling in the problems in terms of mobility and they want to address that. So in that scenario, solutions which are going to enhance the efficiency of the entire traffic system will be required for any of these initiatives which are going to be one of the focus areas not only for these 20 cities but also for all the cities that are evolving as smart cities.

Technology Trends
One of the things which I feel is going to play an important role is Video Analytics. Whether it is in terms of transportation problems or in terms of helping authorities for enhancing the public security and safety, in these two areas - I see huge involvement of video analytics, where we can have cameras that can capture the number plate. It is going to be something virtual like your car can be followed all over the place. Wherever you go you can actually be tracked.

Key Takeaways
To do a sustainable business in India we have to look at the Customization. Whether it’s in the form of software or hardware, ultimately it needs to be customized for the Indian requirement. Until that is done, there is a research which happens in the Indian scenario, the optimum results are not going to be there. So it is very important for us not to think about selling immediately but to work on the product and solutions of the technology to understand what is going to work in India and then customize that according to Indian requirement.